Future for TEK – The 2017 Platform of TEK Youth


1. TEK has to serve and compel the young as well.
Only ~50 % of the young continue as members of TEK after graduation. TEK needs to serve the young better or we can say goodbye to our trade union.


2. TEK should bring together all engineers and architects
TEK has to create a better framework for networking, mentoring and professional development.


3. TEK needs a clear policy for developing work life
During the next term of the general council TEK has to take a stand on societal matters such as universal basic income, equality and expenses of parenthood.


The Theses of TEK Youth

  1. TEK needs an extensive labor market policy paper
  2. The earnings security system should be critically examined
    - Unemployment fund membership should be optional, not mandatory for income-based unemployment benefits
    - Better earnings security for part-time entrepreneurs
  3. The expenses of parenthood should be moved from employers to social security contributions
  4. Universal basic income
  5. Work-related immigration should be eased
  6. Representativeness of the young in TEK has to be improved
  7. TEK membership should be customizable
  8. TEK has to become a pioneer of digitalization and the thought leader for new technologies
  9. TEK has to become the pioneer of professional development
  10. TEK has to become a platform for networking, mentoring and professional community
  11. The trade union structure for engineers and architects has to be critically examined