For candidates

Candidate nominations have now ended. The election will take place between 17 and 30 March 2020.


Candidate details


The candidate details include the electoral district and the electoral alliance of each candidate, the candidate number issued by the election committee, and the candidate’s first name, surname and domicile. The candidate numbers are decided in the election committee's meeting on 26 February. 

The candidate details will be printed on a candidate list combination sent to all eligible voters during the week before the polls open. The candidate details will also be published on this election website.

We assume that in accepting their nomination, candidates have also approved publication of their candidate details in the candidate list combination as well as publication of their candidate details along with any other details they have filled into the election engine on the election website.

Candidates must check that their candidate details are correct before 12.00 noon on 26 February. Please note, that the electoral district is available at the top of the questions page in the election engine. Candidates may access, check and edit their details on the election engine using the personal link that has been be e-mailed to all candidates on 12 February. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact

The election committee will confirm the candidate details at a meeting on 26 February, after which the changes made to these details in the election engine will not be saved.

Election engine


An election engine will open on 11 March to help voters make their choices. We urge all candidates to answer the election engine questions and add their own presentations to the engine. Besides providing their candidate details, candidates may supplement their presentations by adding such details as a job title, employer, degree and profile picture. Candidates may also use the presentation field in the election engine to present the matters that they will seek to promote at TEK or procide arguments for their answers to the election engine questions.

The election engine may be updated at any time between 12 February and 12.00 noon on 10 March. All candidates have received a personal access link to the election engine by e-mail on 12 February. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact

Instructions for the election engine

You can update your details with the link below multiple times, even if you save and close the engine at the end of each session. When opened for the first time, the election engine opens on the question page. Language settings are available at the top right corner, under the three dots. You can change your details by clicking "Your info". Please note, that there are more fields to fill below the image field. You can navigate back to the questions from ”Your answers”. Your answers to the election engine are saved automatically, your details can be saved at the bottom of the page ”Your info”.

Candidates must check their candidate details before 12.00 noon on 26 February. The election engine may be updated at any time before 12.00 noon on 10 March.

Withdrawal of candidacy


Candidates who do not wish to be candidates and seek to withdraw their candidacy in the TEK Council election must notify the TEK Office by e-mailing by no later than 12.00 noon on 26 February.

The electronic candidate nomination system will no longer accept withdrawals of candidacy after the nomination period has ended.


Data protection


The TEK elections are governed by data protection legislation, including the privacy principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. The privacy statement for the election may be viewed online here (in Finnish).


More information


Please contact the TEK election team by e-mailing if you have any questions concerning the election. This link gives further details of the General Council’s work.


Election representatives of electoral alliances

iTyö: Kirsi Kaasinen,, +358 40 704 9720
Keskusta: Timo Huhtaluoma,, +358 40 506 4240
Kokoomus: Elina Wanne,, +358 50 517 1171
Sosialidemokraatit: Sami Lehtonen,, +358 40 053 0744
TEKin Nuoret: Pia Humalajoki,, +358 40 569 2989
Vasemmisto: Erkki Hiltunen,, 0400 673 528
Vihreät: Aino-Kaisa Manninen,, +358 40 568 9426
Yhtenäinen TEK ja Teekkarihenki: Elina Honkala,, +358 40 861 4358

TFiFarna (TFiF-TEK members): Kimmo Leveelahti,, +358 40 555 5544

Visit (in Finnish) to see the members currently serving on the General Council, the Executive Council and the committees of TEK.