Election information

The role of the General Council 


Directly elected by the members every three years, the General Council is TEK’s sovereign policymaking body. Elections will be held in March 2020 to elect the General Council for a term of office from 2020 to 2023. The General Council comprises 70 elected members, with 66 elected from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland and 4 elected from the Finnish Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (TFiF).

The General Council usually meets twice annually to decide how TEK will defend the interests of its members, what kind of member services it will provide, and how the profession will influence society as a whole.

The General Council elects the Executive Council of TEK, and determines certain financial matters such as the membership fees. Working on the General Council provides an overview of the labour market and access to a broad network of members.

Visit www.tek.fi/paatoksenteko (in Finnish) to see the members currently serving on the General Council, the Executive Council and the committees of TEK.

Read more on who is eligible to vote and the voting on this page.


Data privacy


Members' privacy is valuable to TEK and plays a key role in all operations. TEK's elections are conducted in compliance with data protection legislation and with the data protection principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. We process personal data only for lawful purposes and for predetermined purposes. Information will not be disclosed for other purposes. Regarding the election, we only collect information that is necessary for the election and store it for a limited time. The data processing agreements required by the Regulation have been concluded with our partners dealing with personal data. We inform our members about the processing of personal data in the privacy statement for the General Council election (in Finnish)


Electoral districts

There will be 70 seats on the General Council, with 66 seats filled from the electoral districts of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland and 4 seats filled from the electoral district of the Finnish Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (TFiF).

TFiF's district covers the whole of Finland.

The 66 seats elected by members of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland will be divided into 32 seats from the southern, 21 seats from the western, 6 seats from the eastern, and 7 seats from the northern electoral districts.

Southern electoral district: Uusimaa.
Western electoral district: Åland, Southern Ostrobothnia, Kanta-Häme, Central Ostrobothnia, Central Finland, Tampere Region, Ostrobothnia, Päijät-Häme, Satakunta and Southwest Finland.
Eastern electoral district: South Karelia, South Savo, Kymenlaakso, North Karelia and North Savo.
Northern electoral district: Kainuu, Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia.

Rules governing elections and voting


Download the rules governing TEK General Council elections and voting (pdf document in Finnish)

Download the rules governing Tekniikan Akateemiset ry (pdf document in Finnish)

Download the rules governing Tekniikan Akateemisten Liitto TEK ry (pdf document in Finnish)


Contact details

Daniel Valtakari


The TEK election committee is responsible for organising the election. 

For further details of upcoming elections, please e-mail vaalit@tek.fi or contact election committee secretary Daniel Valtakaridaniel@tek.fi.

You can find the contact details of the election representatives for electoral alliances on this page.


Election timetable

1 January 2020: Determination of eligibility to vote and stand for election. Start of nominations and compilation of candidate lists. Electoral districts and the electoral areas of candidates to be determined according to the address entered in TEK membership records.

5 February: Nomination period ends. Candidate lists and the charters for electoral alliances and any electoral coalitions must be submitted to the election committee by no later than 12 noon.

12 February: Election engine opened to candidates.

26 February: Election committee approves candidate list combinations. Candidates must check their candidacy details by no later than 12 noon.

10 March: Updating of personal candidate presentations and election engine response time ends at 12 noon.

11 March: TEK election engine and candidate pages opened to voters.

17 March: Voting begins at 9.00.

30 March: Voting ends.

7 April: Election results announced.